Our Christmas Wish List

Would you consider adding Mission Santa Maria to your Christmas list? Here is what we need most to continue to best serve the children in our programs.

– A Christmas meal for a scholarship plus family $50/family 
Our scholarship plus program identifies the students from the poorest families at the Mission School. These students receive comprehensive scholarships including tuition, transportation, school supplies, and food assistance so they don’t go hungry. We would like to give this group of a families extra food this month to celebrate the holidays.

– Mosquito Nets and Fans for the Mission Home $300
December through July is the summer season in our area, and boy can it get hot! It is also the season that mosquitos thrive, bringing a risk for mosquito born illness like Dengue Fever. With roofs made of tin and no air conditioning, fans are crucial to keeping the Mission Home tolerable. Help us buy new fans for the little boys’ house, and mosquito nets for the babies’ house.

– Headphones for the English program $450
The English program at the Mission School needs 40 headphones with microphones to complete individual listening and speaking activities. These activities are part of a new curriculum that has greatly enhanced the quality of English language learning at the Mission School.

– Work-Study Scholarships $8,000/year
Our work-study partnership is an amazing opportunity for Mission School graduates to study engineering or logistics at the top university in Guayaquil, while interning at DP World and other shipping ports. Scholars graduate in 2 years with a degree and experience in highly skilled jobs. Help us send more young adults to this program and change their trajectory forever.

– A New Water System at the Mission Home $30,000 
We have a serious water problem at the Mission Home! There is not sufficient water in the current well water system and ocean water is leaking into the depleted aquifer. Practically, this means that the Mission Home is often without running water, and when they do have running water, the salt content ruins piping and electrical machinery at an incredibly fast rate (washing machines last less than a year). It’s a big project, but very necessary for the long term wellbeing of the Mission Home community.