Feeding 350 families!

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Mission Santa Maria is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible. 

In the past two weeks the outpouring of generosity to help our families with food has been inspiring. We were able to raise over $30,000 in many small and large donations. We are now feeding 350 families in nine towns, which means we are feeding about 1,300 adults and children. We have enough funds to continue to make food purchases the next two weeks.

We delivered most of the food to the families in the past few days and they are extremely grateful. I wish you could meet the people you are helping. They are extremely kind and humble people. Their concern for their families is obvious the first moment you see them. We have met many young mothers with nothing to give their children. One young woman with three small children thanked us as we gave her a large (35 pound) bag of food. She looked like she hadn’t slept in days and I imagine she wasn’t eating to give her children the food they could find. We plan on returning with food every week until our funds last.

We have had to get a bigger truck to bring us to the city to get the quantity of food we are buying. We are very fortunate that someone in the municipal water department is helping us. We take two trips over two days to buy rice, oats, beans, flour, vegetables, oil, pasta, tuna fish, sugar and salt. Some days we can get fresh eggs or fish.

The food, which comes in 100-pound sacks, (and break our backs) is then separated into smaller bags. For example, we bought 38 sacks of rice that are separated into 350 smaller 6, 8, and 10-pound bags. The same is done for flour, beans, pasta, etc.

Then the bags are put into large, black garbage bags that weigh between 25-35 pounds, depending on the number of people in the family.

We use two pickup trucks to deliver the food to the different towns. We then have local contacts who help us identify the families most in need from their towns. It is quite a system and we have about 20 volunteers helping us do all this work.

Thank you. Thank you for helping us and our families in area. I pass on the many “thank you’s” we receive everyday from the people. This obviously would not be possible without your help!

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Food Drive for our Families in Ecuador

Click Here to Donate to the Coronavirus Food Drive
Mission Santa Maria is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible. 

Thank you for everyone who has reached out to us with kind messages and wishes these past weeks. We are doing well and spend most of our days inside the Mission Home compound. We are very safe and completely quarantined and having the kids here make the adjustment to the quarantine a little more fun.

As I mentioned briefly in our message last week, we have begun to help families in the surrounding towns where we live. We are entering the fourth week of a strict lock-down here in Ecuador. This means most of the families in our area have been out of work for three weeks and have been running out of food for their families. Even in good times we here of some of our families at the school who can’t afford to buy enough food. One of our fathers told me he was giving his children limes to eat…

We made the decision just over a week ago to help over 100 families that needed food. We drove to the nearest city an hour away and bought food from distributor. To do this we needed a special government permission to be able to drive (cars are only allowed on the roads two days a week) and we needed to show this document at a checkpoint before we arrived to the city. We delivered a majority of the food to one town and enlisted the community to help us divide the food into bags for each family. The rest of the food was divided by boys from our program who delivered them to another town (the poorest in our area).

Yesterday we made another trip, with two pickup trucks and are now helping 130 families. The people are extremely grateful and so I pass on their gratitude to you all. Without you and without your generosity we would not have been able deliver this food.

Some of our donors have been sending us funds specifically for this project. This was not a planned project since we don’t typically help families with food. Therefore we have not budgeted for these food purchases and in order to continue, we need additional help. If you have already donated, perhaps you can help us by helping us tell others of our need. You can do this by sending our website, or forwarding this email, or sharing our posts on Facebook or Instagram.

Lastly, I want to share some thoughts on why we are doing this special project. Two things have been coming to my mind over and over again the past two weeks as we started to help these families. The first is that food is such a basic need that we really can’t accomplish our mission (or much of anything) if people don’t have food. Secondly, the sisters here who care for the children often say a blessing before meals and almost always ask God to bless those who do not have food. These past weeks that has become very real for us. How can we ask God to help people that don’t have enough to eat, if we do not help them when it is in our power to do so?

I believe we are doing our part and God is answering the sisters’ prayers these days.


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