Last week we had our third student graduate from our University Program. Some of you will remember Rolando from when he came and told his story at our NYC event a few years ago.

Rolando stopped attending school at the age of 14 after his grandmother, who had been caring for him, passed away. He began working on different farms until he came to be at the Mission Home at age 17.

Rolando defends thesis

Rolando finished high school and was one of the first students in our University Program. He was accepted to ESPOL, the best state school in Ecuador. He graduated with a degree in Accounting and Business Management. When he started in the University over 5 years ago, he began with a class of 270. Only 9 graduated with him this past week. This accomplishment is a testament to his hard work and dedication.

We are extremely proud of Rolando. He wanted me to pass on his eternal gratitude to all of you who have helped make this possible for him.

Your generosity has changed the trajectory of Rolando’s life forever. We are excited to see what the future holds for him!