Meet Bonnie

When you first meet Bonnie, there are two things you might notice. First, he is pretty big, and very strong, especially compared to some of his smaller structured Ecuadorian peers. Second, he has a permanent smile. 

Bonnie spent his late adolescence living at the Mission Home and now is on staff helping with everything from food delivery to caring for the adolescent boys.

Bonnie is 26 years old and works at the Mission Home. He completes a wide variety of tasks essential to the functioning of the home. Twice weekly, he picks up all the fruits and vegetables needed for cooking, and delivers them to the home. He maintains all the water tanks to ensure that there is always access. He cares for the small farm the Mission Home runs, including taking care of several pigs and harvesting maize twice yearly. But the essence of his presence at the home is based in his mentorship and care for the adolescent boys. 

Bonnie himself came to the Mission Home at 16 years old. He was loved and cared for by the missionary sisters in his late adolescence, and graduated from the Mission School. He always had a love for rural living, and so when offered a job assisting with the ongoing maintenance of the Mission Home after high-school graduation, he happily agreed. Since that time, his role has expanded to include helping oversee the care and daily routine for the adolescent boys. Sometimes he helps them complete their homework, sometimes he shows them how to care for farm animals, and sometimes he joins in their soccer games to demonstrate his superior skills. His time and mentorship provides a positive example of what life can look like after aging out of the Mission Home. We are so grateful for Bonnie’s dedication and love.