Little Girls Move Into Their New House!

It is with so much gratitude and joy that we share the news of the little girls moving into their new house. You may recall that in January, thanks to the generosity of one donor, we started building a new home for a group of little girls living at the Mission Home. You can read more about the origins, need, and funding for the project in this blog post.


The construction process was completed (almost exactly on schedule) in the beginning of June. New bedroom furniture was purchased, and over several weekends the missionary women moved all the little girls’ belongings into the new house. The new house has a large living room, a dining area and kitchen, a laundry room (the first of any of the houses to have their own laundry room…and a favorite addition for the missionary woman caring for the little girls!), a bedroom for the missionary woman caring for the girls with it’s own bathroom, and 4 bedrooms + bathrooms for the girls.

The new home is larger and has a more favorable layout to the previous space in which the girls were living. Most importantly, there will be no more than 3 girls living in each bedroom. We asked the girls what they liked most about their new home. Some said they loved how new and beautiful it is. Others said they loved the big windows and view from the living room. And one girl shared that she loved the feeling of peace she had in her new bedroom.

On move in day, the little girls were eager to start playing in their new living room.