From Floods to Food Safety: A Kitchen Update Journey

The mission home stands as a sanctuary of solace and service, embodying the values and dedication of those who reside within its walls. A few months ago, an opportunity arose to breathe new life into one of its most important spaces—the kitchen.

Feeding over 80 children and 20 caregivers and staff daily, the kitchen is essential to the wellbeing of the Mission Home. This endeavor was about enhancing functionality and creating an environment that fosters community and nourishment.
The mission home’s kitchen update began after several large rain storms flooded the kitchen space compromising the industrial sized refrigerator and freezer, as well as many weeks worth of food for the Mission Home. Betty, the missionary tasked with leading the kitchen and planning all the meals for the Mission Home, knew that in order to prevent a recurring issue, the kitchen needed a big change. She requested that the industrial sized refrigerator and freezer be lifted 10 inches off the floor, and that the sealant system be reinforced and improved.
Thanks to the generosity of a young volunteer looking to give more than just her time, we were able to turn the kitchen project into a reality. We build two new lifted cement foundations for the industrial appliances to sit on, so that if flooding occurs in the future it will not effect the refrigerator nor freezer. We also has the appliances relined with new insulation material and new gaskets to ensure that they stay cool and closed.
An extra blessing of the kitchen update was that there was leftover cement after completing the raised foundations. As a result, we were able to fill in the Mission Home patio space. Filling in the patio gives the kids a larger and more even area to play soccer and enjoy time outdoors together. And you know how the kids feel about soccer!
The completion of the kitchen update at the mission home was a labor of love, a testament to the dedication of all involved. The mission home’s kitchen is now ready to embrace its noble purpose, nurturing both body and spirit for generations to come.