Fall Fest 2022

Last Thursday, October 27th, we celebrated Fall Fest! New and old friends of Mission Santa Maria came out to the Chelsea Bell in NYC to support our work in Ecuador. The evening was full of merriment and boasted an array of pub food, flowing drinks, a silent auction, and more.

Most significantly, we were able to share some of the impact your generosity has made in Ecuador through videos and first hand stories. We are so grateful to everyone that was able to attend and hope to see you again next year!


One of the sweetest details we were able to share at Fall Fest was personalized notes and drawings from the Mission Home. When the kids from the Mission Home heard that Jim would be traveling to the United States for Fall Fest, they wanted to be involved, and specifically wanted to find a way to say thank you to all of the people that support our programs in Ecuador. They spent over a week drawing pictures of their lives in Ecuador and sharing words of gratitude. Every house participated, including the teenage boys. On the back of each picture was the handprint of the child that created it. Just like the children, we feel so grateful for the loyalty and generosity of our donor community, as well as all the new friends that we made through Fall Fest. Thank you!