Donor Spotlight – Ben Coffey

As we attempt to build new infrastructure at the Mission School through our Classrooms for Change Campaign, we want to highlight a longtime donor to emphasize the importance of their partnership and support. We asked Ben to share his experience with giving to Mission Santa Maria.

Ben with his wife, Allison. Ben and Allison live in Charleston, South Carolina, with their dog, Annie.

Ben Shares:
“My older brother Will was best friends with Pete Bremberg and Jim Campbell growing up in New Jersey. Although my family moved down to South Carolina in 1999, we maintained close relationships with some of the incredible people we had known during our time in New Jersey and Jim and Pete were two of them. I believe the first time I donated to Mission Santa Maria, Pete was doing a triathlon in 2013 to raise money for the organization. I think I had heard about Mission Santa Maria in the months or so prior and was truly amazed at what Jim and Pete and the rest of the team was doing to help out those less fortunate – and in a very big, directly impactful way. At the time I was just a couple years out of college and donated the small amount that I could and didn’t think about it too much.
I moved to London for work for a couple years, after which I  started my own business here in Charleston, South Carolina, with some old colleagues. I remember hearing over those years how the mission was growing and the incredible work that Jim and his team were doing down in Ecuador. At some point I learned that Jim had stopped his career in the finance world, which I am also in, to work at the mission full-time. I was truly inspired and amazed. The more I heard the stories of the mission and the impact on many kids’ lives the more I wanted to give. And the more fortunate and blessed that I have been with the success of my business, the more I want to help. I can honestly say that Mission Santa Maria is the most impactful organization where I feel and see the most direct use of donations to impact lives and help others.
I plan to get down there one day and I will continue to give to such an incredible organization that is helping change lives.”
Thank you, Ben, for your commitment and generosity! And thank you to all our donors that choose to give!