Cristina Graduates

It is with overwhelming excitement that we share the news of Cristina’s graduation from law school. You could say that Cristina has grown up with Mission Santa Maria. She spent many years of her childhood living at the Mission Home being care for by the missionary sisters. She graduated from the Mission School with excellent grades and a goal to attend university. For the past 5 years, she has been receiving a scholarship in our university program. And finally, last month, Cristina graduated with a law degree. She will soon begin her career as a lawyer.

It was especially wonderful to be in Ecuador to celebrate Cristina’s graduation alongside her. Jim was present as she received her diploma, along with Charito, the missionary sister that spent the most time caring for Cristina as a little girl.

Cristina’s story is one of hope and restoration. After challenging beginnings, Cristina chose to embrace every opportunity given to her when she was placed at the Mission Home. She knew that education was a way forward. Her accomplishment comes from an exceptional amount of perseverance and hard work. But it was only possible because of the generosity of our donor community. Your support granted Cristina the chance to use her education to change the trajectory of her life forever. Thank you!