Santa Maria Del Fiat School has over 1,200 students from pre-kindergarten through high school.

Santa Maria del Fiat is a preschool through secondary school that has been providing high quality education to children of the surrounding area for 26 years. It is the best school in Santa Elena province, with over 1,200 students. Some children travel 90 minutes one-way by bus to attend this school. The school is semi-private, receiving funding from the government for teacher salaries but relying on outside donations to stay open.

2019 Updates and Accomplishments:

In 2019, 180 students received full and partial scholarships through Mission Santa Maria. This number includes the children living at Esperanza Home for Children as well as children from poor families who cannot afford the $25 per month tuition. Many of these children would simply not attend school if it were not for our scholarship program.

Santa Maria Del Fiat has a partnership with the government whereby the government pays most of their teachers, but also mandates the cost of tuition, total staff requirements, minimum salary for all staff, and administrative requirements. In 2019, this created a structural deficit whereby the school could not generate enough income to cover their operational expenses. In 2019 Mission Santa Maria provided funding to cover this structural deficit that would otherwise have forced the school to close.