Who We Are:

Mission Santa Maria is a U.S. based non-profit organization helping children and youth in the Ecuador.  We raise money to help poor children and youth in Ecuador. Our programs provide food, clothing, and scholarships for children to attend school. We have been raising money in the United States since 2007.

Our Story

40 years ago, a priest from Switzerland moved to Ecuador at the request of the local bishop to help families in need. Fr. Othmar Staheli began to say mass and visit the sick but soon realized that the coastal town of Ecuador needed much more. He traveled back to Switzerland and raised money to build roads, clean water facilities and health clinics. He built Santa Maria Del Fiat a home and school for the orphaned children of the province. Local women, similar to Mother Teresa’s nuns, volunteered to help the priest care for the children and teach in the school.

In 2007, Jim Campbell traveled to Ecuador after working in New York City for three years. After a friend told him about the mission he visited and met the children and the missionary sisters who cared for them. He quickly learned that the mission was having financial difficulty as donations from Europe were dwindling. When he returned he began to raise money to help the children at the mission with the help of his family and friends.

Jim saw how even a small amount of giving greatly impacted the children in Ecuador. He then founded Mission Santa Maria as a way to continue helping the children who need it most.

  • Jim Campbell

    Jim is the president and co-founder of Mission Santa Maria. That means he runs the show and initiates all staff meeting coffee orders. Jim oversees the overall operations of Mission Santa Maria and seeks to increase the impact of our…...

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    Michael Temple

    Michael studied marketing at Seton Hall University and has spent the last seven years in various marketing roles and is currently a Program Manager at Realogy Corporation. His marketing expertise prompted his friend (Jim Campbell) to hire (beg) him to…...

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    Liza Streiff

    Liza is the newest member of Mission Santa Maria and brings a wealth of marketing and operational expertise. She is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Knopman Financial Training where her clients include major investment banks (Barclays,…...

  • Peter Bremberg

    Peter Bremberg

    Peter Bremberg joined the board of Mission Santa Maria in 2011 and has been an active supporter since its inception. Peter is the Chief Operating Officer for Boothbay Fund Management LLC, a New York based alternative investment firm. At Boothbay,…...

  • Ellen Hagerty MSM Bio

    Ellen Hagerty

    Ellen volunteered at the Mission in Ecuador in 2009, where she spent time caring for children and teaching English classes. A graduate of The University of Notre Dame with a BA in Philosophy and English and SUNY Binghamton with an…...